BoD is composed of Representatives from the Student-Initated Outreach (SIO) and retention programs under e2.

Board members are responsible for upholding the e2 Mission and Vision of the center. In determining strategic goals, programming and overall daily functions for the e2 center, as well as its affiliate outreach and retention programs, Board is responsible for consistently ensuring that they are rooted in the e2 Mission and Vision.

The members of Bod can comprise of e2 staff (non-voting), SIO coordinators (yield and non-yield), ChUCK retention representatives, Student Committee on Committee (SCOC) representatives and occasionally, the Vice-President of Diversity and Inclusion. BoD meets at minimum once a month for a minimum of 4 hours, from September to June. During the BoD meetings is when all of BoD comes together to discuss proposals and other matters that affect our communities and the e2 center.