Rainbow Theater

Rainbow Theatre is a production by the community for the community, engaging UCSC, the larger Santa Cruz community and anybody with a mind and heart willing to listen. Every year, Rainbow Theatre casts a collective of diverse actors for a multi-faceted 3 week long production of plays dealing with issues pertaining to identity and society primarily through performing arts.*

CADrc makes a quarterly outreach trip to connect with students of color about coming to college and their experiences as students of color at UCSC. Please keep an eye on our social media for auditions if you're interested in joining the team. The Rainbow Theater coordinatorfor 2018-2019 is Gabriela Hernandez. Rainbow Theater will bring multicultural theater to various high schools in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. For more information please visit CADrc’s page about Rainbow Theater.*

Thank you for sharing your stories with our students. They saw themselves in the narratives you have to share... Many of them walked away with a new perspective of what college can be and provide them. Rainbow, Rainbow!

- Alexandrea Ramirez, Outreach Participating School Instructor*


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Instagram: @cadrc_ucsc
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Rainbow Facebook Page: @UCSCRainbowTheater
Website: www.cadrc.org/rainbow-theatre *