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Since 1993 Rainbow Theatre has produced shows chosen, directed and produced by students engaging UCSC and beyond. Rainbow Theatre’s name was inspired by the Rainbow coalition of the 60’s & 70’s. Every year, Rainbow Theatre produces 3 week long plays dealing with issues pertaining to identity and society primarily through performing arts. The multi-faceted productions focus on the experiences of African Americans, Asian Americans, and Chicanx / Latinx Americans etc. In addition, Rainbow Theatre is also a course that qualifies to fulfill the Ethnicity & Race general education requirement. The 2018 - 2019 school year also marks Rainbow Theatre’s 25th year anniversary of culturally enriching performances.


Rainbow Theatre makes a quarterly outreach trips to high schools in Los Angeles County and the Bay Area, California. Our goal is to connect with students of Under Represented Communities, Underfunded Schools, and Students of Color. It is through multicultural theater that the Rainbow Outreach team hopes to catalyze bridging and bonding between University Students and High Schools Students with the hopes of promoting recruitment, retention, and the visibility of POC and disadvantaged communities in higher education. Rainbow Theatre’s Outreach program offers information regarding the UC system like admissions and financial aid. As well as a variety of performances, testimonials, and activities to promote student engagement. The Outreach Team also hosts question and answer panel regarding college life and academics.



The Rainbow Theater coordinator for 2018-2019 is Gabriela Isabel Hernandez (Gaby). Gabriela Isabel Hernandez is thrilled to be returning to Rainbow Theater this year as Outreach Coordinator and joining the e2 Board of Directors. As a 2nd year-transfer student from Los Angeles, California, Gaby will be graduating this June with her BA in Community Studies. Through which she had the pleasure of conducting her field study at the Museum of Art and History (MAH) and will be presenting her findings to. Gaby is also involved at UCSC as a Residential Assistant, SOL Council Leadership Associate, and El Centro Spring 2019 Intern. She most recently appeared in the leading role of Esperanza in last years Latinx/ Chicanx show of ESPERANZA. It was through this role and her participation in past Rainbow Outreach trips that she became commited to this work.

Thank you for sharing your stories with our students. They saw themselves in the narratives you have to share... Many of them walked away with a new perspective of what college can be and provide them. Rainbow, Rainbow!

- Alexandrea Ramirez, Outreach Participating School Instructor*

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