JUSTICE is a continuation program from SIO Weekend for students that have attended ASF, DHE, and ORALE. It provides each student with an experience that will further prepare them for their first year at UCSC. This program is designed to give a real life experience of college in one week.

It consists of:

  • A full orientation program
  • Eight days, seven nights at UCSC during the summer (July/August)
  • All expenses paid (housing, meals, travel)
  • Workshops with alumni and students
  • A class that preps you to engage faculty, participate in class, and write critically
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It’s an intensive orientation designed by students, for students to provide you with a real life experience of college. JUSTICE was created through Engaging Education (e2 ), to offer SIO participants the insights and resources needed to succeed at UCSC. It is a social justice focused program designed to provide students with skill sets that improves their academic success during their first year, and provide participants with knowledge on different social and political issues through workshops and classes. Among the content provided in the workshops, students will also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with UCSC, get advice from other students of color, and build connections with other incoming students.