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Did you know that the six-year graduation rate for students of color range from 27 to 57 percent? Despite the increase of diversity in student population in higher education, universities continue to face difficulties in retaining underrepresented student populations. In order to combat low retention rates, Ch.U.C.K. has created a survey to create programming based on the needs of our communities. So, take the survey so that we can better understand how we can support you!

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Campaign for Student Leadership



The following is the resolution e2 created for the Campaign for Student Leadership. To see the full resolution clearly, click the link below to be directed to the PDF version. e2 BoD has outreached to student organizations and faculty, based on their assessments, to gain support through endorsements.


For more information about the Campaign for Student Leadership and e2, we created flyers to make sure you get easy quick and accessible knowledge of what this campaign entails and who we are. Click the link below to access the flyers. Feel free to share on social media and with other folx.

Call to Action!

e2 is gathering petitions from students at UCSC to show a physical representation of how many students support this campaign. Come to e2 located in the Quarry above the Bike Coup to sign one and show your individual support.

If you would like to help collect more let a staff person know we can get you set up!

Keep Updated

Follow e2 on Instagram (@e2.ucsc) to keep updated with the campaign, the space and the programs students in the space create and facilitate.

Thank You!

e2 wants to thank and appreciate the student organizations, councils , colleges, faculty, and alumni that have supported the campaign for Student Leadership through their endorsement. To see the full lift of endorsements, the flyers, and resolution click the different links below. Thank you all, we look forward to building and collaborating with one another in the future. Solidarity, e2 BoD.


Flyer ( Front | Back )

Endorsements List

Budget Expenses 2017-2018 | Projected Budget 2018- 2019

Here are e2’s Budget Expenses of 2018 and e2’s Projected Budget of 2019

SIO Weekend 2018 Highlights

Click the picture to watch the video!

May be restricted to ucsc COMMUNITY only

May be restricted to ucsc COMMUNITY only

Thank you to all of our participants and volunteers of SIO Weekend 2018! Thank you City on a Hill Press for the video!

Stayed tuned for more info about SIO Weekend 2019.

Check out more info about SIO 2018 here.










Student Activism



Representatives from e2, SIO, and retention programs


Adlemy Garcia, c/o 2015 former e2 chair, SOLB and G.E.N.T.E coordinator

Adlemy Garcia, c/o 2015 former e2 chair, SOLB and G.E.N.T.E coordinator

E2 was a space in which I was able to work with others to develop grounding principles that helped me navigate my position as a community organizer as well as my life. I was able to build with others by having conversations that were both difficult to have and also transformative. Often times, the university does not provide the support to have conversations about racism, empowerment and what it means to be a student of color in academia; so having e2 as a space where we could have those conversations and to also do something about the injustices that happen within the university and outside of it taught me that I, along with others, have a duty to be protagonists in the movement for liberation.