Susan Nieves

Susan Nieves, Chair

Susan is currently a fourth year majoring in Economics. As Chair for the 2016-2017 academic year, she helps facilitate meetings, manage the center's budget, and works with other e2 staff to make the center welcoming as possible. She is a virgo who likes to watch documentaries about social issues and eat pizza (even though she is lactose intolerant). 


Jonathan Morales-Rocha (He/Him/His), Office Manager 

Jonathan is currently a third year majoring in Art and Design for Games and Playable Media. As office manager, he facilitates office maintenance, supports any aspects that need support, financial filing, and taking minutes during meetings. He enjoys playing soccer. 

Destinee Barnes
Tyler Allman

Destinee Barnes, Office Manager 

Destinee is a a fourth year Sociology major/Education minor student. She is one of the office managers in e2 to facilitate with office operations and BoD meetings. She enjoys the work she does towards Social Justice because to her silence in the face of oppression is also violence. 


Tyler Allman, Office Manager (Spring Quarter)

Tyler is currently a fifth year majoring in Sociology and Education. As office manager, she helps with office operations and various projects going on through the center. She is a slam poet -- she loves poetry and attended CUPSI, an international poetry slam competition. 


Irish Sy, Graphic Design & IT 

Irish is currently a third year majoring in Cognitive Science with an emphasis on AI/Human-Computer Interaction. As GDIT, she designs graphics for e2 programs, manages content for the e2 website, and updates/fixes the Macs in the office. She likes to bake after midnight.

nicole harris

Nicole R. Harris, Program Coordinator

Nicole is currently a fourth year majoring in Community Studies with an emphasis on Economic Justice. As program coordinator, she plans, coordinates, and helps with collaborative execution of events such as Speaker Blowout. Her hobbies include making vision boards and giving speeches about inspiration. Fun fact -- she has walked on hot coals before.