Ruby (Charlie) Campos, Chair

Latin American and Latino Studies and Psychology Major 

Ruby help coordinate the Board of Directors to make sure that the programming align with our mission statement and help uplift our communities. In this position, Ruby hopes to be able to provide support for e2 and Board members in all of the programming year round.

In the future, Ruby hopefully will be officially done with school this Fall '18 and hope to go to graduate school in the future, but aiming to continue organizing. 


Irish Tee-Sy, Graphic Design & IT 

Cognitive Science - concentration in AI/HCI Major 

Irish works with retention and outreach programs along with the e2 center to provide updated/modernized graphics and designs. She helps create a web presence so that valuable information about e2 and its programs are shared to the public for communities to have an understanding of we as a center do as a whole.

In the future, she hopes to be a UI designer and represent POC females in the tech industry. 


Andy Vang, Office Manager 

Literature - concentration in Creative Writing Major, Education Minor

This year, Andy will partake in taking care of the center’s facilities and making sure the space is functioning for the community to use. He’ll also assisting the various program coordinators with their programs, and can be a helping hand for anyone who has questions or concerns about e2.

One thing that he hopes to do in the future is write fiction and films that showcase the stories of underrepresented communities. He wants to be able to use media and art not only has a form of entertainment, but also as a platform for social justice.


Kathyrn Douglas, Office Manager 

Theater Arts Major

Kat hopes to learn how to be organized and efficient in a student space that produces student led directives and work, learn how to work in a team and be communicative, and move toward making campus a space where people of color are not berated with blatant disrespect from peers, faculty, and administration because they "don't know what they are doing."

In the future, she hopes to share a production company with students she met organizing here at UCSC and members of communities that believe in art and theater for black and brown people. 


Keiera Bradley, Program Coordinator


Keiera Bradley is a graduating senior majoring in Feminist Studies. In her time at UCSC Keiera has participated in student leadership efforts and organized with the Black Student Union to ensure ABC retention and success. She spends her free time creating healthy soulful content for her plant based youtube channel.

Currently, she is applying for graduate programs in the field of social work where she plans to focus on children and youth services concentrated on mental health. 

coming-soon (1).gif

Jhordy Gongora, Program Organizer

Community Studies & Latin American/Latino Studies Double Major, c/o 2017

As the Program Organizer Jhordy advises and and support the e2 community. Through the student agency model he works in partnership with the e2 community to maintain the functions and operations of the center.

Some of his favorite pastimes include cooking, going on hikes, watching anime, and listening to hip-hop, jazz, and music in general.    


Ch.U.C.K. Chancellor Undergraduate Interns


Maria Fernanda Alcantara Ornelas, ChALE

Legal Studies, Psychology, and Latin American and Latino Studies Triple Major

This year Maria Fernanda plans on increasing the outreach to the Chicanx/Latinx community via student organizations. She hopes to collaborate with more student orgs and campus resources to create workshops and other events that serve the needs of the students. She also strives to increase the student awareness of the services that Ch.A.L.E. and Engaging Education provides.

Maria Fernanda enjoys going out for social dancing during her free time (which is not a lot, but she tries). She loves dancing latin music, especially cumbia, bachata and banda. 

Chelsey Boykin, Umoja

Intensive Psychology Major

For her position she wants to be able to incorporate a mix of social events to help build relationships within the African, Black, and Caribbean. She believes it is important to provide spaces to focus on academic goals and self care events to address the fact that we need times as people to focus on ourselves and to take care of our bodies needs.

In my free time, she likes to hang out with her friends and family doing anything from going out to eat, watching movies, and anything that involves laughing.


Megan Spitzer, CUSN

Marine Biology and Politics Double Major

With her position, she will work towards creating a stronger Asian/ Pacific Islander community on campus and making sure all students feel supported on campus. 

For fun, Megan likes to go on hikes, tidepooling, and going on food adventures with her best friends. 

Isabela Pante, KAMP

Intensive Psychology Major, Education Minor

As KAMP CUIP, she helps her other co-coordinators with planning workshops and discussing ways we can improve this program compared to past years. She hopes to foster a communal space where individuals can be proud of their identity, find their true potential, and find a space where they feel comfortable whether it is in KAMP or not. 

In the future, she hopes to be a high school counselor in an urban city where she can utilize the skills she learned of being a student leader at UCSC. She hopes to help high school students figure out what they want to do in their future and be a support to them.