KAMP is a student initiated and student led retention program that targets, but not exclusive to, the Pilipinx community.

In our continuous effort to advocate for the retention of students of color, the Kuya-Ate Mentorship Program (KAMP) functions as a student-initiated retention project targeting, but not exclusive to, Pilipinx students at UC Santa Cruz. Under the auspices of the Bayanihan, KAMP's three chief components consist of: 1) mentorship, 2) academics, and 3) social/cultural support. By grounding itself in the root of fellowship, KAMP extends its efforts further by promoting success in academia as well as providing support through social and cultural activities.With these primary goals combined, along with the retention projects from other ethnic organizations, we seek to reach the ultimate objective of an improved retention rate for all students of color at UCSC.

KAMP is a big brother/sister program that creates and strengthens the bond formed within smaller communities or "families". By implementing a family system of mentorship it allows for people to connect on different levels in hopes of individuals finding other individuals that remind them of comfort and of home, which can encourage them to stay in school. Through academic support, social events, and an overall learning experience, KAMP creates a strong communal atmosphere that provides students with the outlets that we need to maintain through this college experience.


2017-2018 KAMP COs - Isabela Pante (CUIP), Kai Huang, Francim Aguilar, Florenze Almalel teaches what it means to be in KAMP

KAMP COs 2016-2017 Caleb Garello, Jasmin Marie Morgia (CUIP), Michaela Serafica, Isabela Pante

KAMP COs 2016-2017 Caleb Garello, Jasmin Marie Morgia (CUIP), Michaela Serafica, Isabela Pante

kamp cos 2015-2016: Beverly Abad, Irish Tee-sy, Jean-Paul Orogo, Alecxis Delos Santos

KAMP cos 2014-2015: Katherine Aranda, Jessica Siasoco, Kris Lapu, Gordon Tse



EMAIL: kamp.ucsc@gmail.com
INSTA: @kamp.ucsc