ChALE de UCSC is a student-initiated, student-run peer retention program that serves the ChicanX and LatinX community but is open to the larger public.

We are a need-based program that assesses the needs of the community through surveys and dialogues to identify what those need may be for the ChicanX and LatinX community.

ChALE defines retention as the statistical evidence of the persistent attendance of students from the time they come into UCSC till the day they graduate. ChALE uniquely identifies retention by including academic, social, mental, and cultural aspects that affect retention on this campus.

We provide peer academic, social, and cultural resources as a support for the ChicanX and LatinX community at UCSC. The purpose is to retain and encourage pathways toward graduation.Those that do not identify as ChicanX or LatinX are still welcomed to join our intimate space and dialogues.

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  • Ruby Campos

ChALE Core:

  • Jacqueline Ruiz
  • Esmeralda Sotelo
  • Kat Chavez
  • Paula Ledesma
  • Wendy Viveros

ChALE Study Jams

Weekend before every finals season

The purpose of the ChALE Study Jams is to provide safe spaces and resources before finals occur every quarter. This event aims to retain the community in order reduce graduation gaps that currently exist on campus.

Voice Your Power and Pan, Poetry, and POC

February 24, 2017

Both of these events have offered spaces for people of color and in particular, the Chicanx and Latinx community to share poetry and art with one another. These events were created after the concerns arose about students of color not having a platform to share their experiences through the medias of art. Nonetheless, these spaces have created brave spaces where people are able to engage with one another about the various issues that our communities face today with our current campus climate as well as things happening around the United States. These spaces also allow for community to be built as we are able to be vulnerable with one another and support people one another.


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